Episode #017 – Immersion Care with Dr Mike Pierce

Dr Pierce: Functional Medicine Expert, Functional Neruology Expert, Culinary Instructor and Chef, Doctor of Chiropractic, Pioneer in Immersion Patient Care

Dr Pierce is a great guy and we go way back. But more importantly for you, he’s into some REALLY cool stuff right now.  He’s helping to pioneer what I believe is going to be the future of top notch health care.  It goes right along with what Dr Shamanie and I are doing with Habitat Retreats but in a different and yet very cool way.  He really gets into it about 20 minutes into the conversation. This is Functional Medicine and Functional Neurology on steroids (only in a healthy way).

~Enjoy the Show,

Dr Chris Frykman

Episode Notes


What are the 2 ways doctors currently are seeing patients and learn about the cutting edge 3rd way that you need to know about.


Dr Pierce helps many doctors with their more difficult cases.  Learn about how Dr Pierce works with patients in his Denver based clinic


Functional Medicine Doctor AND Chef!?!  – Find out about why Dr Pierce took a year off of practice to attend culinary school


Non Profit Campus for Immersion Care


Dr Pierce’s #1 Health Tip – Don’t miss it.  This is a time saver and a health tip.


Dr Pierce’s Non-Profit


Dr Pierce’s Denver Clinic


Culinary School Dr Pierce Attended and teaches at in Boulder, CO


I mention a non-profit immersion organization around minute 27 that is focused around helping children with a special limb lengthening procedure where I did some of my nursing clinicals.  I couldn’t think of the name and I looked it up after the fact.  If you want to look into it for any reason including donating money for their cause, you can find them here.