Episode #030 – The Power of Story Telling with Organic Dairy Farmer: Sue Henry


Sue Henry: Speaker, Trainer to Speakers, Entrepreneur, Organic Dairy Farmer

Events happen to you in your life.  These events become stories.  If you learn how to tell your story in an effective way it can help you acheive what you want to acheive.  This is seriously in every area of life.  No man is an island (meaning we all need help from time to time).  I don’t care if you’re launching a new business, applying for a grant for your non-profit, trying to get out of paying a speeding ticket or doing your damnedest to get a date for next weekend, when you learn to effectively engage and communicate with others.  You’ll have more fun and get more done.  Sue is a business coach.  You don’t need to be growing a business to learn from her.  Enjoy this episode of Vibrant Potential.

Helping you reach YOUR Vibrant Potential,

 Dr Chris Frykman


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