Bonus Episode – Do You REALLY NEED a House? | Inspiration Spotlight with Julie Nielsen



Julie Nielsen: Liver of Life

Julie is a long time patient of mine.  She’s a shining example of someone living her Vibrant Potential.  I’m always happy when I see Julie on my schedule.  It’s always fun to be in the room with her.  She’s not ostentatious, just tons of fun with a great energy.  She’s aware of her health on a physical level, a social level, and she’s got a good system for her fitness and nutrition which allows her to feel her best while she’s busy getting promotions at work or jetting around Europe with her friends, exploring the planet as well as her soul.  I’m happy to know Julie and I’m pumped to share what’s going on for her right now.  I hope you find her as inspirational as I do.

Here’s to YOUR Vibrant Potential,

~Dr Chris