Vitamindrip is an amazing tool that is now being used to promote wellness, help people suffering with chronic disease (from asthma to fibromyalgia to migraines and beyond) to acute infections and even athletic performance and recovery.   But is Vitamindrip for you?  Here’s an overview to get you started on your path. New or Tried […]

Tips and Tricks to Encourage Rest, Recovery, and Recharging   You know it’s best to get roughly 8 hours of sleep a day.  You’ve heard the studies that sleep is a must when it comes to athletic performance and recovery.  Anyone who’s ever pulled an all-nighter can tell you their thinking was cloudy the next day. […]

The Most Common type of Fatigue Brain Fatigue is the most common type of fatigue in my practice.  It’s also the least understood.  Let’s look at how your brain might be causing your fatigue. The brain controls and coordinates all of life.  Every function in your body is controlled by your brain and nervous system. […]

Conquering Fatigue: An Essential Guide to Reclaiming Your Energy   “I have tons of great ideas but when it comes time to turning them into reality, I never seem to have enough energy” “I don’t have the energy I used to” “I don’t understand why I’m so tired!” “Every Monday morning I can hardly get […]

“…Know Thine Enemy…” – Sun Tzu To solve a problem one must first understand the question.  Since we want to conquer fatigue we have to know what it is.  Fatigue is more about failure of a tissue, organ, or system than it is about the perception of “feeling tired” and certainly not “feeling sleepy”.  Simply […]

October 28, 2015 Habitat Retreats are such a powerful healing experience for many reasons. Here are a few of them. 1. Immersion The driving force behind Habitat Retreats was the idea that if we could pluck someone out of their environment that isn’t serving them, and place them into a more healing, supportive habitat.  One […]

October 20, 2015 I was searching through some research articles for the detox chapter of my book I’m currently writing. I stumbled across an article from the U.K. stating that the “scientists” at this particular organization assert that detoxification programs are completely unnecessary. This made me upset. I got over it. But I resolved to […]

August 4, 2015 Do you ever have those moments where you’re just moving and it feels amazing? For me, there’s nothing better. These moments of clarity, energy and perfection sneak up on me when I’m not even looking for them. Two recent examples follow. I was recently on a group ride with 13 other cyclists. […]