Greetings Vibrant Potentialite,

Today’s show is a real gem. I’ve been a competitive athlete for years. I’ve excelled endevours ranging in Triathlon, to CrossFit, to Martial Arts. In some ways I still definitely love to push my limits and see what I can do, mentally and physically. In other ways I find myself drawn to a less competitive way of being active. Something that more mirrors my dog, Coffee. He runs hard. But he doesn’t destroy himself. He does what’s natural…

  Robby Besner: Natural Health Researcher Many people struggling with chronic pain, inflammation, or other chronic symptoms and disease have an incredibly long and harrowing journey trying to find answers to what sometimes it seems no one can tell them… “What’s wrong with me?” Because everyone is an individual and every body is different, I can’t tell […]

Greetings Vibrant Potentialiate,

Today’s episode is rich with gems you can apply to every day life regardless of what you’re up to. Especially if you’re a solo entrepreneur or a health care practitioner thinking of going into business for yourself either in private practice or online, this is a must-listen…

  Natalie Davis: Colon Hydro Therapist Today we’re talking about poop!  The perfect poop in fact.  Natalie Davis is a Colon Hydro Therapist and getting people pooping like champs is her passion!  Natalie’s story is great.  She’s passionate about this because it helped her heal her own failing health at a hard time in her life. […]

  Dr Jeff Sandquist: Podcaster, Multipotentialite, Minimalist Today’s guest is Dr Jeff Sandquist.  I like this dude.  He’s a chiropractor, a nutritional expert, and a self proclaimed multipotentialite.  This is a killer show for you if you’re constantly being drawn in another direction.  I’ve listed tons of resources for you on the the show notes for today’s […]

  James Butler: Coaching Leadership,Performance, and Mindset Today’s guest is James Butler.  I ran into James through a mutual friend and I started looking into what he was about.  I was immediately impressed with his no-bs approach to mindset coaching.  Sometimes mindset coaches can be a little woo-woo for my taste.  James has a knack for […]

In today’s podcast, relationship medicine guru Dr Denny Thompson discusses how to get what you need from relationships, emotional intelligence, and the 12 ways of love. The Landmark Forum calls relationships “your life”. And truly, without the relationships we have with those around us, what would our lives be? So what could be more worthwhile than delving into how to nurture the relationships with those most important…