Rating 10 out of 10 “Dr. Chris has been my chiropractor for a few years. Initially, I went to see him only when I was experiencing physical pain. When Dr. Chris introduced me to kinesiology, it was so effective that I became inspired to take a new responsibility for my health. I am seeing Chris […]

Rating 10 out of 10 “After unsuccessful visits to my primary care physician over the past few years for extreme fatigue, shakiness and general malaise, I decided to elicit the help of an alternative medicine professional. While researching local providers on the internet, I discovered Dr. Chris at Transforming Chiropractic. Dr. Chris used the Stress […]

Rating 10 out of 10 “I’ve known Dr. Frykman for many years. Over that time I’ve been very impressed with his dedication to his patients, with his knowledge of treatment options, and with his commitment to preventative as well as therapeutic treatments. It’s a privilege to have had an opportunity to work with him personally […]

Rating 10 out of 10 “Thanks for the amazing adjustment today. I can’t believe how fantastic I felt afterwards. Two weeks of misery from the fall I had…then one simple adjustment from your skilled hands and WAH LA! I feel like a new woman!”

Rating 10 out of 10 “My experience with Dr. Chris was in my opinion, “heaven sent.” I was suffering from severe vertigo and I felt as if my life was turned upside down and becoming extremely scared by the entire experience. Regular physicians were not helping so I searched the Internet and fell upon Dr […]

Rating 10 out of 10 “I’ve been suffering with Fibromyalgia for years. I’ve been stuck in a rut and no one could help me out of it. I had absolutely no quality of life. I couldn’t do much of anything. Soon after seeing Dr. Chris I had more energy, my pain decreased, I was able […]

Rating 10 out of 10 “I had been plagued by back pain from a car accident and that is what brought me to Dr. Chris Frykman. After being treated by him, I have had great results, no more pain and a huge improvement in range of motion. I had seen several chiropractors prior to him […]

Rating 10 out of 10 “I love Dr. Chris’ authenticity. He is genuine and really cares and that shows in his treatments. I also value the holistic nature of his approach to health. For me, when he fixed imbalances in my pelvis it helped my low back pain but I’ve also noticed the clicking in […]

Rating 10 out of 10 “Chris, WOW, I just got done with my late night workout and I am amazed! You were right, the soreness in my right arm was not present during my workout and I felt stronger than I have in months. I was tired from the long day and still did more […]

Rating 10 out of 10 “My neck is stunningly improved. My upper back, shoulders, and neck area feel better than they have in months. Last night was the first night in about one year that my arms, especially my right arm, did not go numb when I would lay on them. I’m astounded.”