Episode #043 – Choose Your Own Adulthood


Today’s episode is an exciting one.  Hal Runkel is a favorite author of mine.  Hal’s books are easy to read AND easy to apply.  They also somehow seem to target specific issues and yet also encompass so much of what’s important if you want to change your experience of life.  We cover a ton of ground today including delving into his latest book, choose your own adulthood.  Honoring the truth that none of us are perfect Hal encourages us to simply move in a direction that serves us.  Some of his concepts include classics like “be more interested, and be less interestING”, He gives a great way for you to discern whether you’re responding (which he welcomes you to do more of) or reacting (which he encourages you to do less of).  He recommends you create more and critique less and perhaps my favorite chapter in his new book, confront more, complain less.  If you’re like me you’ve certainly found yourself complaining from time to time, in my case more often that I care to admit, whether it’s to others, to myself, or even ABOUT myself, it never seems to help much!  …Confronting on the other hand, when done with a gentle and well-intentioned manner can actually bring about positive change.  Even if that change is simply deeper understanding of others.