Conquering Fatigue: Brain Based Fatigue

The Most Common type of Fatigue

Brain Fatigue is the most common type of fatigue in my practice.  It’s also the least understood.  Let’s look at how your brain might be causing your fatigue.

The brain controls and coordinates all of life.  Every function in your body is controlled by your brain and nervous system.

You’ve all heard laughter is the best medicine, right?  Well here is the equation.


Life = Activation x Fuel (Oxygen + glucose + micronutrients + macronutrients)

The activation part is extremely important.  This is the main reason why chiropractic adjustments can work so well if the doctor knows how and when to apply them.  It’s also one of the many reasons why it’s so important to exercise. 

Have you ever heard that astronauts can not stay in low gravity situations for more than a handful of months at most?  This is because gravity is the most important constant activation we have.  Too little activation, we die.  Too much activation, we die. 

If this isn’t clicking for you yet, think of the old adage, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.”  

What’s that mean?  

If you don’t use a muscle, what happens?  It gets smaller.  It atrophies.  It goes away because the body sees it’s not serving a purpose.  Isn’t the body AMAZING?  Always adapting.

Using the muscle… that’s activation… of the muscle.  By the way, to activate a muscle, certain parts of the brain are activated as well.  As are the bones and tendons that are around the muscle.  Using the muscle.  Stimulating the muscle.  Stressing the muscle.  Activating the muscle.  Same thing.

Just remember, L=AF.  If you have 0 A or 0F, you have 0 life.

When looking at fuel, let’s start with Oxygen (O2).  You can’t live without O2 for more than a few minutes.  Even mild cerebral hypoxia (oxygen just a little lower than optimal in the brain) from poor vascular health and circulation will result in neurodegeneration and cognitive impairment.

All brain fuel is carried by the blood.  Thus, you can’t have healthy brain function without good cardiovascular health.  Blood flow is CRUCIAL to healthy brain function and thus optimal energy levels.  Heck, even marginal amounts of energy!  Think about this – the blood is carrying nutrients, hormones, peptides, and neurotransmitters to the brain, not just oxygen.

Even if your brain is getting plenty of Fuel, you can still trigger NeuroInflammation from consuming foods you’re sensitive to, or just straight up inflammatory foods, infections, head trauma, or even chronic pain or other chronic inflammatory states, such as autoimmunity.  All these things will send messages to the brain (via cytokines) which will lead first to altered brain function and eventually to neuronal death.  By the way, this can happen in reverse as well.  So if you have neuroinflammation from something, it can trigger inflammation anywhere else in the body!

     Have you ever noticed that many people with chronic pain are depressed and many people that are depressed experience more pain?  One reason why depression can occur in people is when their frontal lobes are not firing as well as they might.  This happens because of nueroinflammation of the frontal lobes.

Tests to Order

NutrEval (Protein, Fats, Neurotransmitters, Anti-oxidants, Heavy Metals, and more)

Thyroid Panel


Iron Panel



Lipid Panel

Most Effective Supplements to Conquer Brain Fatigue

Powerful anti-inflammatories that will cross the BBB

I like Turmero and Resvero the best.

You want to increase blood flow to the brain as well.  For this I have found Nitric Balance, and NueroO2 are a potent combination.  Especially when taken in conjunction with BEMER therapy.

Ways to help Brain Fatigue

Manage pathology such as hypertension, diabetes, hypothyroidism, chronic inflammations, etc.

Deep – Belly Breathing (1:2 ratio Inhale:Exhale)

Get adjusted

Get off Gluten and any other food sensitivities (Cyrex or Elimination diet)

Eat more Veggies

Consider cutting alcohol

Lowering carbs and other sugars


Manage any nutritional deficiencies (NutrEval)

Get the right amount of sleep

Drink enough water (Here’s the equation: Body Weight in Pounds/2 in ounces of water + 5 oz for every 15 minutes of exercise)