Episode #000: Vibrant Potential and Dr Chris Frykman Introduction


Welcome to Vibrant Potential

A podcast helping you overcome stress, fatigue, and chronic health challenges as well as optimizing your performance in fitness, relationship, and business. We use integrative health solutions and functional medicine strategies including brain-based approaches, inspired fitness tips, emotional intelligence coaching, and spiritual growth techniques to help you live the life you want, connect deeply with others, and fulfill YOUR Vibrant Potential. Your host is, functional medicine expert, genomic biohacker, and triathlon coach, Dr Chris Frykman.

In this podcast, I interview experts in the fields of health & wellness, so I can share with you the best secrets to living your best life.  I’m passionate about squeezing the most out of life. I’ve done a lot that works and a lot that doesn’t work, both in my practice and coaching businesses and in my personal life.  And now I’m sharing all I’ve learned over the years with you so you can reach your goals, find peace within yourself, get out of pain, run faster, jump higher, connect more deeply with others and move toward finding and fulfilling your life’s work.

Fitness:  I interview the best minds in fitness so you can have all the best benefits of exercise, physical movement, and training with the least risk of injury, the least time spent doing it, as well as the most fun.

East Meets West:  In my practice I have seen the best results, the deepest transformations, the longest lasting results when I combine the ancient wisdoms and truths from healing traditions such as traditional chinese medicine, aruvedic medicine, Taoism, and others with the latest and greatest science-based “western approaches” to health.  In Vibrant Potential, I bring that same approach to you so you can glean the best of both worlds and use what works for you.  I interview medical doctors, chiropractors, personal trainers, vedic astrologers, shamans, structural integrationalists, bare-foot runners, infra-red sauna and other technology innovators and so much more.

Physical, Chemical, and Emotional Wellness:  We leave no stone unturned as we search for the answers needed to heal.  Taking a holistic approach is what’s made me so successful in helping others overcome their health challenges and reaching for their Vibrant Potential.

Spirituality and Emotional Intelligence:  Your mind creates health or it creates sickness in your body.  In these podcasts you will find valuable nuggets, tips, and strategies how to improve your emotional intelligence, center yourself, practice mindfulness, and other methods.  This is important because it leads to a peaceful existence within yourself and it’s the foundation for meaningful relationships.

Nutrition:  In Vibrant Potential, I’ll be discussing all kinds of diets and approaches to nutrition for my clinical experience as well as with industry leaders.  You’ll find what type of diet is right for you, because by now you know, not one diet is right for everyone.  We also be discuss nutricueticals or nutritional supplements.  Which ones to stay away from, and which ones might be worth considering based on research as well as clinical expertise of myself and my guests.

I’ve been a chiropractor since 2004.  I have a blast “fixing people up”. Relieving people’s pain so they can continue whateveris important to them.  For example, this morning as I’m writing this, I worked on a high school freshman for 45 minutes.  She’s very passionate about her activities, including soccer which is in season right now.  When she walked in, she wasn’t able to lift her leg off the table.  By the time she left, she had full function of her legs and she is looking forward to a fun night of playing soccer tonight.  Soccer is what’s important to her right now (among other things).  To be able to play her hardest with her friends, that’s her Vibrant Potential.  It makes me feel alive to be able to help people do what they want in life.  That’s my Vibrant Potential.


Along the way, I discovered that sharing what I know and teaching it to others lights my brain up like nothing else.  I LOVE what I do.  My vision of Vibrant Potential is one of everyone living their dharma.  Some call it a purpose-driven life.  Through this podcast, Vibrant Potential, I am now bringing you all the tips, techniques, strategies, wisdom, insights, and methods I know of for free.  Regardless of where you are in life.  If you recognize the importance of health to life.  If you value a holistic approach to health.  A holistic approach that includes a personalized look at how diet & nutrition, fitness, your genome, your thoughts and mind, your emotions, and your
spirituality.  This is a podcast for you.