Episode #044 – A Living Liquid Probiotic | Jerod Work


Is Your Probiotic a Capsule?  Make sure you catch this episode then!

The best thing about interviewing Jerod was his obvious passion for creating the best probiotic on the market.  It’s so obvious he sincerely cares about helping people and that authenticity shines through in this episode.

We discuss issues like

  • when should you take a probiotic
  • should you take a probiotic while you’re taking antibiotics
  • why is a liquid probiotic superior to powders and capsules
  • why Jerod and his team grow Flourish right at their on lab (most other probiotics are farmed out to other companies)


Jerod also shares his feelings about Restore.  A supplement that is focused on improving gut health.  You can find out more about Restore here – http://www.drchrisfrykman.com/restore

And of course there’s some of my usual silliness about old sci fi movies and more.


If you want to head over the shop put in the discount code – Flourish – and you’ll get $10 off your first bottle.


I love combining Flourish with Restore for really improving gut health!