Functional Medicine

FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE is the future because it uses the best of all we know about medicine. Functional Medicine seeks to identify and address the root causes of disease and goes beyond disease to bring you to ultimate wellness.  It’s the culmination of the best of the holistic models of health and healing – from Ayurveda (one of the world’s oldest medical systems from India) to traditional Chinese Medicine to Chiropractic Philosophies – combined with cutting-edge science and laboratory testing. Through this marriage of holism and research-based medicine, functional medicine practitioners are able to quickly deliver powerful and long-lasting results.

Dr Chris uses Functional Medicine to help clients and patients achieve their Vibrant Potential.  Functional Medicine views the body as an integrated whole, not a collection of independent systems divided up by medical specialties. It treats the whole person, not just your symptoms. Functional medicine practitioners spend time with their patients, listening to their history and looking at the interactions among genomic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health and complex, chronic disease. In this way, functional medicine supports the unique expression of health and vitality for each individual, leading to their Vibrant Potential.