Functional Neurology

Functional Neurology is, at its heart, the concepts that A) the brain controls and coordinates everything in the human body, and B) brain-health is best managed with a functional approach. Using the same holistic philosophy shared by functional medicine, functional neurology is patient-centered and revolves around the science and intimate connection between the brain and the nervous system. These two work together to control every living function. So, if we want to affect deep, lasting change we need to involve the brain.  Dr Chris does this by:

1. Assessing areas of imbalance in the brain and nervous system
2. Determining appropriate stimulation to activate the area of imbalanced function. Appropriate refers to the idea we must affect the correct area with just the right amount of stimulation – not too much and not too little.
3. Developing and continually tweaking individualized treatment plans to ensure optimal health, ultimate wellness, and Vibrant Potential.