Jenny of Minneapolis, MN

Rating 10 out of 10

“After unsuccessful visits to my primary care physician over the past few years for extreme fatigue, shakiness and general malaise, I decided to elicit the help of an alternative medicine professional. While researching local providers on the internet, I discovered Dr. Chris at Transforming Chiropractic. Dr. Chris used the Stress Response Evaluation to accurately point to areas in my body that were deficient or not working properly, and developed a program to help me get my life back. The evaluation pointed to adrenal exhaustion and metabolic syndrome, which was literally causing me to sleepwalk through life! The program consists of a change in diet with the addition a few supplements, and a regiment of treatments. I am now climbing out of the dark and exhausting abyss of ill health, and into the world upright, energized and alive!

I’ve gotten my life back. Thanks Dr. Chris. I’m living a more healthful and active lifestyle and feeling great. I recommend Dr. Chris and the stress response evaluation he employs to all of my friends, family, and you.”