Episode #032 – You’re in Pain! Let’s Figure Out WHY – Exploring the Mind-Body Connection with Lance Hauge

You’re in Pain! Let’s Figure Out Why!

– Exploring the Mind Body Connection –



Lance Hauge: Rolfer, Healer, Pyschotherapist

Have you ever noticed how your mind and brain play a huge role in how your body feels and behaves?  If you listened to episode 31 with Brock Armstrong or episode 20 with Dr Denny you’ve heard me explore some of how the mind, the brain, and your mental state can affect your body.

Today’s episode is a fun one for me.  My long time friend, Lance Hauge, and I discuss some of the interplay between what he refers to as subtle energy and the more tangible physical body.  As always both my guest AND I share personal details about how this stuff shows up in our lives.


I think Lance and I will probably teach a seminar on this stuff someday so we could definitely talk about these ideas for hours and days.  Lance is a rolfer, a healer, and a pyscho therapist.  he’s a wealth of knowledge when it comes to mind-body medicine.

In the first 20 minutes we really blow through a lot of ideas.  If you’re up for a fun listen and you’re open to some discussion about the intangible this episode’s for you.  If you only want to hear what’s in the research, you’ll probably like another one more.

I hope you enjoy this one.  Make sure to check out the invite below.

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 “Allow your discomfort to guide your attention to where your mind is not wanting to look”.

Great advice from my friend.  Easier said than done though.  From my perspective this is way harder than making a commitment to go for a run every day or to eat more vegetables.  This takes discipline.  It’s also well worth the journey.

If you break big goals into smaller ones you can enjoy successes along the way.  I like that.

 Today I’m asking you to try out sitting.  Call it meditation if you’re attracted to that.  You don’t have to sit in full lotus position though.  Although you could if you want to.  Just like Lance suggested.  Sit still and let your mind highlight where the discomfort is.  Is it in your body?  Is it in your mind?  What’s that ever present voice screaming at you at the moment?  Get up!  Get the dishes done!  Submit those taxes!  Go for a run!

Point here is to make it small peeps.  Make it ridiculously small and easy.  2 minutes perhaps.  or 5 if you want to.  Make it so small that the voice won’t talk you out of it while you’re doing it.  But do it every day.  and see what happens.  I invite you to journal about it.  if that’s too much work, just think about it while you’re driving to work.  are you a little calmer?

I like to thank the voice, and then tell it that I heard it’s advice and I’m choosing to go another direction this time.  I haven’t figured out how to make the voice shut up anyway so I stopped trying to get it to.  Instead I peacefully send it gratitude for doing it’s job and let it know I’m choosing something else.

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