Linda Walters of Chaska, MN

Rating 10 out of 10

“I have been in martial arts since 1983, and although I have remained uninjured for the most part, I have had problems periodically from misalignments. Even a minor misalignment greatly affects my ability to perform physically in my teaching and participation in my training.
Chiropractic treatment has been absolutely irreplaceable in my health regime, and a necessary component in my health maintenance…a component not replicated or replaced by any other therapy. I have used Chiropractic treatment to maintain optimal performance and to be pain-free.

Dr. Chris Frykman has been a student and instructor with us at River City Martial Arts Academy for a few years now. His approach to fitness is total, using nutrition and other health approaches as well as Chiropractic treatment to maintain optimal health. He uses this same philosophy in his practice. In my opinion, his total approach is not only the most effective, but absolutely necessary to achieve and maintain total well being. I encourage all who want to be at the top of their game, to optimize and maintain their health with Dr. Frykman.”