Episode #033 – How I started running 45 seconds per mile faster with no effort – Correct Toes with Dr McClanahan




Dr Ray McClanahan: Podiatrist, Natural Foot Health Expert, Elite Runner and Duathlete


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Dr Ray Approved Shoe List

At Dr Ray’s Website you can find tons of resources to help with any foot health issues you might have.  Dr Ray loved the Vibrant Potential message and he graciously offered anyone in the Vibrant Potential Tribe free shipping on their own pair of Correct Toes.  Check out the Video to the Left (if you’re on a computer) or probably underneath (if you’re on a mobile device) to see what they look like.  I highly recommend them.  Make sure to enter the code “VibrantFreeShip” upon check out to recieve free shipping.  When you get some, please let me know how you like them on our FaceBook page.



Below is a clickable link to a pdf Dr Ray mentions of an article his mentor, Dr Rossi wrote, “Why Shoes Make “Normal” Gait Impossible