Episode #034 – My Mid-Life Crisis

Complete Show Transcript

Hi Gang, Dr Chris here.  Thanks for listening to Vibrant Potential.  And this week, I’m having a mid-life crisis.  Let me tell you about it.

This week’s show is my first solo show.  I’m veering off of my planned interview schedule to share with you an experience I had over the weekend.  I’ve got some absolutely awesome shows coming up.  Jonathon Mead from the uncaged man talks with me about his journey and what he’s doing to help men get in touch with their primal selves and why women should be excited about it.  Sean Croxton is going to be on the show.  I’m super pumped about releasing this interview.  It was an absolute blast talking with Sean.  Sean’s become someone I greatly admire for his work on and surrounding his podcasts, youtube channels, virtual summits, and everything he does.  He recently retired underground wellness and now is starting a new project he’s calling the Sessions.  Listen in to find out more about what the sessions are all about and how he decided to listen to his inner voice and move on from a very lucrative business to pursue his passions.  Talk about Vibrant Potential!  I’m also set to release my first ever re-guest.  I’ve had many people on the show whom I could do several shows with.  My most popular show to date however was episode 4 with Dr Phil Maffetone.  And since you loved that show so much, I asked him back on the show.  Last time we discussed barefoot running, how he coached ironman champs to their wins, his take on a high fat diet and more.  This time we get into some deeper topics and really look at more of WHY Dr Maffetone does what he does.  It’s an honor to share our discussion with you so stay tuned for all that coming very very soon.

So back to this weekend.  I was driving to the grocery store and I happened to see an old man lying in his lawn on his back.  It caught my eye as not quite right and I looked closer and he wasn’t moving and his lawn mower was right by him.  I immediately shut the car off (in the middle of the road by the way)  (I got a lot of honking horns at me.)  anyway, I run up to him, hear the lawn mower is still running and as I get up to him I see that sure enough he’s unconscious and he’s thrown up on his shirt.  I shut the lawn mower off and tap him on his shoulder.  He’s groggy but he starts coming to, mumbling incoherently.  Another woman runs up on the scene and she’s calling 9-1-1.  Good idea!

CPR classes and nursing classes are spinning through my head along with more than a little adrenaline.  He’s breathing and has a pulse and he’s coming too.  Now he’s starting to sit up of his own volition and he’s able to answer questions.  I’m unsure if he’s confused so I ask him his name, what day is it, and how old is he.  He answers correctly to all 3 (which I verified shortly later with his wife who, as it turned out was in their house but she was immobilized and not able to help him.

The woman who called 9-1-1 handed me her phone and left saying she had to take care of her kids.  She leaves and I stay to make sure there’s nothing else I can do to help and then I flag down the EMS crew when they arrive.  He was resistant at first but long story short the ems crew very strongly encouraged him to head to the ER and he went.  Kara, my daughter ended up finishing up their lawn for them and I went to the store as I had originally intended.  Later that evening I went back over there to check up on the wife and she still hadn’t heard anything and was very nervous and talking seemed to ease her anxiety so I sat with her as she told me how lucky I was to have met him because he was one of the most wonderful men in the world.

What a great thing to be able to say after 48 years of marriage, right?  She told me about their kids and grandkids and how she used to work at the local high school and how they had lived in that house for 35 years and a lot of other stuff.   One thing she said haunted me the next day.  She said that she didn’t think anyone ever thinks they’re going to get old.  It just sneaks up on them.  I’ll fill you in on what happened to Paul in just a minute.

So now back to my mid-life crisis.  First of all, Crisis is a bit of an exaggeration.  I think it might only qualify as a mid-life realization since the quintessential corvette is in no way involved.  When Paul told me he was 70, I realized next year I’m going to be 40 and 40 is closer to 70 than the beginning of life!  Childhood Flash backs of observing someone’s 40 year birthday party came streaming into my head and the saying, over-the-hill, seems to be prevalent in this vision.  (Chuckle)  When I was 11 I thought anyone that could drive was pretty damn old.  When I was 20 I thought people in their thirties were in a different universe.  And they sorta were.  Many of them being married, divorced, having children and mortgages.  Then when I was 30 I thought 40 is the new 20 and 50/55 is still reasonable and as I approach 40 I figure anything in the 60’s can be pretty reasonable.  The point here is that I’m aware of a certain relativism at play.  I’ve had the good fortune to treat people in their 70’s and 80’s that were very spry and alert.  Holding jobs if they want, contributing to society and their family in a myriad of ways, heck I even knew a 79 year old that was flipping houses.

The beautiful truth is like the old saying goes, “You’re only as old as you feel.”  This is true in a very literal sense.  I’ve long used a simple office diagnostic test to determine the functional age of someone’s cells.  I’ve seen 80 year olds with the functionality we expect of a healthy 20 year old and I’m sorry to say I’ve seen teenagers with the cells of a withered old man.  The good news is I run this test for a couple reasons, most importantly because there are many things we can DO about it.

Of course there’s also the looming truth that we are all going to die.  That’s right folks, “you heard it first here”.  You’re not making it outta here alive!  The great thing about coming to grips with that, and let me pause here and say, this is a thing a person continues to “come to grips with,” or struggle with, or avoid, it’s not something that you find out and decide it’s cool and then it goes away.  But like I was saying, the great thing about coming to grips with the fact that you’ve got a finite amount of time on this planet is that you can make the most of what’s left to you.  And if my first almost 40 years is any indication, the hours can some times seem to go by slowly but the years seem to fly by.

I came across a quote by Frank Natale, although I’m not sure it wasn’t said by Khalil Gibran first.  Either way it’s apropos.

“Middle age is not the beginning of decline, but a time to reach for the highest in our selves. Middle age is a pause to re-examine what we have done and what we will do in the future. This is the time to give birth to our power.”

Powerfully put.  Since none of us know how long we have, only that we have a finite amount of time, I propose we make the most of today.  I, for one, choose to learn from my elders and will live as if I don’t have forever, because I don’t.  And I continually look to my children for lessons as well.  Let us live with the purpose of our elders and with the creativity, non-judgement, and if need be, forgiveness of our youth.

What are you doing with your today?  How are you choosing to spend your time?  If you find you are bitter.  Resentful.  Jealous.  Anxious. Not acting because of uncertainty or fear.  Life’s too short.

For me, I want to help 10,000 people reach their Vibrant Potential and I want to do it soon, because you, like me, don’t have forever.  Everyone has an inherent potential within them.  You have a Vibrant Potential within yourself.  You’re either living it right now or it’s waiting to be lived.  If your Vibrant Potential is not currently being expressed in it’s fullest capacity, what you need is Inspired Action.

At the end of every episode of Vibrant Potential moving forward you’ll find an Invitation to take an Inspired Action today.  Sometimes you’ll get your inspiration from elsewhere, and if that’s the case, AWESOME!  Follow your inspiration.  I’m offering this merely as something you can try on and see if it calls to you.  If you’re not sure how to tell, take a moment.  Slow down.  Perhaps close your eyes.  And look inside.  If it’s an inspired action, there some be something stirring within you.  If you can’t tell, then you could try to take an action and if you feel good, in fact the better you feel, the closer to spirit this action is taking you.  If you feel lousy doing something, it’s a great sign that it’s probably not right for you.

Today your Inspired Action Invite is to schedule 2 hours of alone time.  Turn off all emails, phones, texts, social media’s and anything else that goes beep or vibrates.  Take a walk in nature and then sit down with your favorite beverage and write.  Write whatever you want.  You don’t have to share it with anyone.  Write what you want to do with your life.  I’ll give you a hint, many people feel inspired by contributing to others.  Family, Neighborhood, City, State, Country, World.  So feel free to journal about how you’d like to contribute.  Or another great thing to do is to do something for Self.  After all, you can’t contribute if you don’t have anything in the tank to give.  What’s something you’ve wanted to do for yourself?  Go to school?  Finish a triathlon?  Start a business or a non-profit?  The point is to have some uninterrupted time to explore and touch base with yourself.  Life’s so often a whirlwind and we can get to the end of a day without knowing what the heck just happened.  And that’s okay.  And it’s also great to take a moment and reconnect with yourself.

If you choose to do this, reach out to me and let me know what you came up with, if you want.  You can find me on facebook or you can email me at DrChris@TransformingChiropractic.com.

I don’t want to leave you hanging so I’ll let you know, I followed up with my neighbor, Paul, and he tells me he’s doing fine.  Cardiologist says his heart looks good.  His carotid arteries are clear so he’s getting blood to his brain.  It’s looking like he had a negative side effect from some of his medications his doc has him on so they are going to attempt to rectify that.

Remember, you’re only as old as you feel.  And life’s too short to feel anything but goodness.  Until next time, I’m Dr Chris Frykman, and here’s to YOUR Vibrant Potential!

~Dr Chris