Episode #040 – Improving Your Body’s Cellular Communication Network | Dr Zach Bush

Zach Bush, MD:  Triple Boarded Medical Doctor and Health Care Visionary


In today’s episode, I interview Zach Bush, MD.  I’ll let you listen to the intro I give him for the details but suffice it to say this guy knows his stuff.  One of literally a handful of medical doctors in the country to be triple boarded, he has a background that set him up perfectly to bring a new paradigm shift to the nutritional supplement world.  The interesting thing is he says his supplement doesn’t actually DO anything.  I’ll tell you though, this has become my favorite supplement-that-does-nothing to take multiple times a day.  I’ve really been looking forward to getting Dr Zach on my show for awhile because it almost seems like this supplement helps with just about everything from brain fog, to leaky gut, to detoxing, to healing autoimmunity, and the list goes on.  Pretty good for a supplement that does nothing…  And in case you’re new to listening to Vibrant Potential, then first of all, welcome, and second, this is NOT a commercial for Restore, the supplement we are talking about.  I don’t do that.  What this is is a fascinating conversation about a completely different paradigm that is emerging in science which really has it’s origins in ancient wisdom.  Doesn’t it seem that so often the best new ideas are really old ideas?


Idea’s worth Tuning in for…

  • Redox signaling is how our cell’s communicate with each other.  Now we have a way to introduce redox signalers into the body to improve almost every facet of health.
  • Improve your Microbiome without taking probiotics
  • Why gardening, playing in the dirt, or just being outside may be the most important thing you can do for your health today
  • We are now finding there is bacteria present in human tissue and that bacteria is different in people with cancer versus healthy individuals
  • How to armor yourself against the harmful, really deadly, effects of glyphosate (roundup)