Episode #045 – What’s Hiding In YOUR Mouth? | Dr Karl Anderson


Root Canals Gone Bad, Holistic Dentistry, and One Woman’s Journey Back from Cancer



Today’s episode is one of the utmost importance.

In today’s health care model you need to understand what’s going on. It’s very important you find someone you can trust. Someone who has your best interests in mind. Even with that though you need to educate yourself about potential dangers because in the end, it’s YOUR life we’re talking about here!

Root Canals are dangerous. Period. Then again what are you supposed to do once you’ve let your oral hygiene go downhill to the point you need to get rid of a tooth? (not that it’s always your fault) It’s not an easy situation to be in.

Today Dr Karl Anderson and I discuss the importance of understanding the dangers of root canals, their potential association with breast cancer and other health challenges and we do it using the milieu of Shamanie’s journey with Cancer and healing.