Episode #031- Anxiety, The Mental Game of Endurance Sports, How To Know if Your Racing is a Healthy Lifestyle or an Obessive Behavior | Brock Skywalker Armstrong


Brock Skywalker Armstrong: Endurance & Health Coach, Podcast Producer & Host, SongWriter, Ballet Dancer, Self-Proclaimed “Wannapreneur”

Today’s Guest, Brock Armstrong, is a podcast veteran.  I first learned about Brock on the first podcast I listened to, Ben Greenfield’s show.  Now I listen to a number of shows, in fact I like so many different shows for different reasons that when I pile my audiobooks on top of them, I rarely have enough time in a week to listen to everything I want to.  But as I said, back then Ben’s show was the first one I listened too and I enjoyed it.  Brock, I later learned, was editing the shows as well but he was also the co-host.  And he and Ben sorta hammed it up in a casual way but spoke about some really cool topics if you’re into fitness and recovery and such like I am.  I reached out to Brock some time later and found out he’s worked with a lot of the great podcasts in the fitness and nutrition area with names like Mark Sisson, Endurance Planet, Dave Asprey (if you don’t don’t him by name, he’s the bullet proof coffee guy) and others.  So brock has been on tons of podcasts as well as behind the scenes.  and he’s soaked up a ton of info in the areas of fitness, nutrition, and recovery.  He’s now running Skywalker fitness and helping athletes with programs ranging from triathlon to running, to strengthening.  Brock is graciously offering a 50% discount on a coaching consult.  Just email him and mention the discount code “vibrant”, and you can talk to Brock for half the usual rate.  I’ll post Brock’s emails and websites and such on the show notes page for this episode.  You can find all that at  www.drchrisfrykman.com/skywalker. His email is brock@skywalkerfitness.ca.

For those of you who are regular listeners of my show, you know that authenticity is a big value of mine and Brock doesn’t disappoint.  We both discuss some of our own challenges with sleep routines, anxiety, what works for us and what doesn’t.  We also talk quite a bit about loving what you do and checking in with yourself (or your coach if you have one) about why you’re racing, if you’re racing.

Today your Vibrant Potential Challenge is to take an action that will improve the quality of your sleep.  If you have something in mind, GREAT!  Go for it!  Otherwise, I’m going to focus on Blocking Blue Light since Brock mentioned it.

So here are your 3 Sleep Challenge options:

1 – If you have an iPhone 6 or newer, the latest update introduced what they call “nightshift”.  Set that to sunset to sunrise and it’ll automatically block some of the light that overstimulates your brain late at night, in turn helping you sleep better.  (I’m sure Andriod has or will have soon something similar)

2 – Download F.lux for your computer.  I’ll post the link in the resources section below.  It does the same thing as nightshift but for your computer.  I’ve been using it for a couple years.

3 – Purchase Blue-Light Blocking Glasses and wear them for a couple hours before bed.  There are several options and I’ve provided a link to one such option below.

Here’s to YOUR Vibrant Potential!

~Dr Chris Frykman

50% Off Brock’s Athletic Coaching Consults

Email Brock here –Brock@SkyWalkerFitness.CA – and mention the discount code “Vibrant” to receive HALF OFF – Thanks Brock!

Here are some of the easy ways to check out more about Brock or get in touch with him:

Help Your Computer Help You Sleep Better

Get F.lux for your machine for FREE!


Blue Light Blocking Glasses to help you sleep


Here’s the book Brock mentions