Habitat Retreat Saved My Life

October 28, 2015

Habitat Retreats are such a powerful healing experience for many reasons.
Here are a few of them.


1. Immersion

The driving force behind Habitat Retreats was the idea that if we could pluck someone out of their environment that isn’t serving them, and place them into a more healing, supportive habitat.  One filled with love.  One free of judgements and temptations.  Than a person will be able to grow into the healthful and wholesome being they are under the layers of crap we can all sometimes pile on top.  Check out sample menus here.

2. Holistic Approach

Habitat Retreats was designed to provide a sanctuary from the negative or disempowering aspects of your daily life.  Because your stressors are varied, our approach is holistic, varied, and individualized to bring you the most powerful healing possible.  The healing you need.

Here’s some of what that means.
• Stay in a Luxury Mountain Home or Urban Retreat
• Functional Medicine Approach
• Personalized Nutrition
• Whole Organic Foods Prepared by Your Own Gourmet Chef
• Detoxification including Ayurvedic Massage, Essential Oils and

Infrared Sauna
• Organic Cold Pressed Juices 3 per day
• 100% Gluten Free & Organic Meals and Nourishment
• Relationship Codes (TM) Coaching
• Stress Management (The Work))
• Personalized Movement Plan + Yoga
• Massage and Neuromuscular Treatments
• Free Time to Relax, Rejuvenate, Connect with Self, with

• A Team of Doctors…Focusing on You
• Share your experience with others through Connection and Community

3. Follow-up Coaching

Who wouldn’t want a vacation in the gorgeous mountains where your every need is taken care of?  But what good will it do ultimately if you just go home and plop yourself right back into your destructive habitat and behaviors? You’re not the first person to wonder at this.

As part of your program, you’ll receive ongoing support in a variety of ways that work for you.  Health Coaching, Work Out Programs, and other programs we’ve developed.  Not only that but a big part of what we do during the week is to find out what works for you and then train you to do that at home so you can take the healing habitat with you.

Matthew’s Story

Matthew is a great man that had many stressors piled on top of him.  He wasn’t able to thrive or live his Vibrant Potential because he was so burdened from chemical, emotional, and finally physical stressors.  When Matthew showed up, he was moving like an old man.  That’s a big statement since Matthew was only 21 years old!  Sadly, one of his goals was to be able to walk a 1/2 mile by the end of the retreat.  He loved to hike and he had barely been able to walk for the last couple of years.  Not only were we able to have him walking, by day 4 we did a 5 mile hike up a mountain trail at 9000 feet.

Here’s a selfie we took on Day 5 when we actually took a bike ride further up the mountain together then climbed onto a huge rock.  Not many people can bike at that kind of elevation!


The physical change was dramatic, to say the least. Perhaps more telling though was the change in Matthew’s affect (mood) and mental clarity about his situation.  Over the course of the week we began to detox Matthew of a Heavy Metal called Cadmium we had identified through some functional medicine testing.  We also provided a safe space to question his stressful thoughts about some of his greatest stressors.  He went from being suicidal and unable to walk to renewing his zest for life, including a love of hiking and of writing.  (He tells me he’s on chapter 23 of his book he’s writing.)  You know what though.  The best way to understand Matthew’s story may be through his own words.

Here’s what he had to say about his Habitat Retreat.

“My name is Matthew and Habitat Retreat has changed my life, not even a month ago I was in unbearable agony each and every day. For nearly ten years there wasn’t a single day I didn’t think about ending it all. I never knew exactly what kept me from doing it but now I know it was because I was not yet done with this world and it was this program and the people involved that helped me realize that. Every doctor I went to had no idea what was wrong with me and did their best to throw me into a category based on one or two of my symptoms and prescribe me more drugs that they believed would simply “fix” everything. Dr. Samanie, Dr. Chris, and John, the chef, showed me that there were many more variables affecting my health than I could have imagined. Unlike other doctors, they genuinely cared about me and my unique situation, they looked at it from many different angles and did a remarkable job educating me on the things that were negatively affecting my health and how to change them to improve it. Habitat Retreats and the doctors involved were brought into my life for a reason and I consider it a blessing that they were. I truly hope that if there are any more people like me out there that have lost hope due to their poor heath and our horrible and impersonal healthcare system, where you are a number and not a human being, that they somehow find their way to these amazing and caring people.  Thank you all for giving me hope again.”


What Would  Your Habitat Retreat Look Like? Find out if you’re a candidate for one of our upcoming Habitat Retreats by emailing me at DrChris@DrChrisFrykman.com